SKP (Sasaran Kerja Pegawai/Staff Work Target) 2016

Even Semester 2015/2016
I. Education

1. Tree Improvement/Pemuliaan Pohon (Semester 7, S1/S.Hut)
Time: Thursday
Lecture: 0700-0900; Room: Sylva PERTAMINA (E000SILVA)
Lab class#1: 0900-1200; Room: RKX303 (E00X033)
Lab class#2: 1330-1630; Room: RKX301 (E00X031)

2. Management of Forest Genetic Resources (Semester 2, S2/MS)
Time: Monday
Lecture: 0700-0900; Room: Eboni DSVK
Lab class: 0900-1200; Venue: Eboni/SilvoGen Lab

II. Research

2.1. International Research Collaboration
2.1.1. CRC990/EFForTS (DFG)
2.1.2. REDD+ (DANIDA)
2.1.3. Genetic Variation of Dipterocarpaceae & Fagaceae (JSPS)

2.2. National Research Collaboration
2.2.1. Tree improvement of Jabon
2.2.2. Plant DNA Barcoding: Rattan, Mistletoe, Mindi etc.

III. Outreach/Community Services

1. Travelling Conference on BIORES at LIPI, Cibinong Bogor (21 Januari 2016) – as resource person
2. Workshop on Ongoing Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) at Tokyo (8-12 March 2017) – as resource person