Research Project

Experiences in International Research Collaboration

Year 2012-present:
Collaborative Research Centre 990/EFFoRTS: Ecological and Socioeconomic Functions of Tropical Lowland Rainforest Transformation Systems (Sumatra, Indonesia): i) Sub-project B-03 CRC990/EFForTS: Plant Genetic Diversity in Different Transformation Systems; ii)Sub-project Z-02b CRC990/EFForTS: DNA Barcoding of Vascular Plants. Position: Member of Joint Management Board (IPB) and Main Research Counterpart

University of Copenhagen – IPB Collaborative Research: Population and Ecological Genetics in Tropical Forest Ecosystem Restoration. Position: Member of PhD joint supervision

Year 2011- 2012
University of Zurich – IPB Collaborative Research: Population Genetic Structure of Shorea leprosula in Southeast Asia. Position: Research Counterpart and MSc Supervisor

Year 2005-2008:
ASEAN-KOREA Environmental Cooperation Project (AKECOP) Phase II. Position: Project Manager

Year 2005-2007:
ITTO Project PD 210/03 (F) on Collaborative Forest Management in Dusun Aro, Jambi. Position: Silviculture Coordinator

Year 2003-2005:
Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Plant Genetic Reseources in Southeast Asia. ASEAN-European University Network Program (AUNP). Univ. Lyon I, Univ. Goettingen, IPB, Vietnam National Univ., and Leyte State University. Position: National Coordinator.

Year 2003-2005:
Genetic Variation of Meranti (Shorea spp.) in Indonesia. German Research Foundation Cooperation Research. University of Goettingen and IPB. Position: Co-Team Leader (Indonesia)

Year 2001-2005:
ASEAN-KOREA Environmental Cooperation Project (AKECOP). Position: Researcher