Article: Tree growth performance and estimation of wood quality in plantation trials for Maesopsis eminii and Shorea spp.


Plantations of tropical species are becoming an increasingly important source of wood. However, it is important that research trials focus not only on tree growth performance, but also on wood quality. The aims of this study were to assess the growth performance of six commercially and ecologically important tree species from separate plantation trials in Indonesia and to determine the relationships between tree growth and wood quality in terms of the dynamic modulus of elasticity (MOE) and wood density. Forty-eight 7-year Maesopsis eminii Engl. and thirty-five 9-year specimens (7 each of 5 Shorea spp.) were selected from two trials. The MOE, based on acoustic velocity, was indirectly measured to evaluate wood stiffness. Tree-growth performance was evaluated, and correlations between growth traits and acoustic velocity as well as density and wood stiffness properties were estimated. The growth performance of M. eminii in terms of tree volume was significantly different in three different categories of growth (i.e. fast, medium, slow). Of the five Shorea spp. studied, Shorea leprosula Miq. had the highest growth rate, as expected since it is known to be a fast-growing Shorea species. Indirect measurement of wood quality by means of non-destructive ultrasonic methods showed a weak negative correlation between tree volume and acoustic velocity and dynamic MOE. Although each fast-growing tree could reach a merchantable size faster than other varieties or species, wood traits of various species tested were not significantly different based on tree growth rate performance. The findings from this study could be used to improve selection criteria in future breeding trials; indirect measurements of the dynamic modulus of elasticity can be used in mass pre-selection of genetic materials, to choose the most-promising material for in-depth evaluation.

Dynamic MOE, Non-destructive test, Selection criteria, Tree growth, Wood quality, Maesopsis eminii Shorea spp.

Karlinasari L, Andini S, Worabai D, Pamungkas P, Budi SW, Siregar IZ. 2017. Tree growth performance and estimation of wood quality in plantation trials for Maesopsis eminii and Shorea spp. J For Res: DOI:10.1007/s11676-017-0510-8

About Iskandar Z Siregar

Dr. Iskandar Z Siregar is a professor at the Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia. His research interests are Population Genetics of Forest Trees, Molecular Genetics of Forest Plants, , Conservation and Sustainable Management of Tropical Forest Genetic Resources, Forest Tree Improvement, Forest Adaptation and Genetics in Silviculture. Current research projects are Genetic Variation of Shorea spp, Aquillaria spp., Melia spp. and Toona spp, Genetic Marker based Chain of Custody (CoC) in Timber (teak, agarwood and dipterocarps), Genetic Risks of Species Extincion (Endangered Shorea spp.), Conservation of Tree Genetic Resources outside Forests.
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