GAFoRN-INAFOR International Conference 2011 (5-7 December 2011)

GAFoRN-INAFOR International Conference (Bogor, Indonesia 5-7 December 2012)

On 5-9 December 2011, GAForN and INAFOR International Conference was held in IPB International Convention Center IPB Baranagsiang Bogor presenting German Alumni Foresters coming from 8 countries, India, Iran, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Austria, Germany, Vietnam. Local participants were mostly coming from the following universities: UNLAM, UNTAN, UNHALU, UNSRI, UNRI, UNMUL. The event was officially opened by Minsitry of Forestry and Ministry of Research and Technology. GAForN session was jointly organized by German forestry alumni in Faculty of Forestry IPB (Chair: Dr. Dodik R Nurrochmat) and Faculty of Forestry UGM (Chair: Dr. Satyawan Pudyatmoko) discussing global issues on Ecosystem Based Management and Biodiversity Conservation. The meeting in IPB Bogor was continued with a field excursion in UGM Yogyakarta (@izs).

During GAFoRN-INAFOR conference, I had also a chance to meet again with Dr. Michael Kleine of SPDC IUFRO (Vienna, Austria) after our last meeting at the XXIII IUFRO World Congress, Seoul, Korea in August 2010. We discussed the growing needs on forestry sciences in the future especially in the emerging countries characterized by high population and domestic markets. Linking forestry sciences to policy need to be enhanced and actually this important topic has been intensively discussed during Pre-Conference Training Workshop on: “Adaptation of Forests to Climate Change: Working effectively at the Interface of Forest Science and Forest Policy”, held in Umea, Sweden on 25 to 28 August 2008 in which I had an opportunity to attend (Thanks to IUFRO SPDC) as one of the participants. This event is organized in conjunction with the International Conference on Adaptation of Forests and Forest Management to Climate Change with Emphasis on Forest Health: A Review of Sciences, Policies and Practices (@izs).

About Iskandar Z Siregar

Dr. Iskandar Z Siregar is a professor at the Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia. His research interests are Population Genetics of Forest Trees, Molecular Genetics of Forest Plants, , Conservation and Sustainable Management of Tropical Forest Genetic Resources, Forest Tree Improvement, Forest Adaptation and Genetics in Silviculture. Current research projects are Genetic Variation of Shorea spp, Aquillaria spp., Melia spp. and Toona spp, Genetic Marker based Chain of Custody (CoC) in Timber (teak, agarwood and dipterocarps), Genetic Risks of Species Extincion (Endangered Shorea spp.), Conservation of Tree Genetic Resources outside Forests.
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